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About UM

Founded in 1981, UM was formerly a private institution known as the University of East Asia. It was acquired by the local government in 1988 and renamed University of Macau in 1991, becoming the only public university in Macao. It currently offers approximately 130 degree programmes, including bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, and other programmes, with English being the main medium of instruction. UM has a strong faculty team comprised of internationally recruited scholars with rich teaching experience and impressive academic backgrounds, many of whom graduated from well-known universities.

The new campus covers an area of approximately one square kilometre. It has more than 60 buildings and is 20 times the size of the old campus. The new campus can accommodate more than 15,000 students. This has a profound impact on the long-term development of higher education in Macao, bringing new programmes, new facilities, a new campus culture, and a new mode of management to UM, the most representative higher education institution in Macao.

UM Emblem and Motto

The emblem of UM features a five-towered crest encircled by golden rings and the name of the university in Chinese and Portuguese.

  • The key on the book is the key to knowledge.
  • The waves represent the university’s inland setting in the South China Sea.
  • The bridge links together Eastern and Western cultures.
  • On the ribbon is a Chinese motto listing the five virtues of an ideal scholar: humanity, integrity, propriety, wisdom, and sincerity.
  • The colours are red for hope, blue for the joy of well-being, and gold for the advancement of humanity.

Block ‘UM’ Symbol

The new campus was the inspiration for this design. The roof-like element at the top, and the block letters ‘UM’, short for ‘University of Macau’ and a symbol for the foundation and support columns of a building, capture the architectural style of the new campus. The University Blue, one of the Standard Colours for the University Logo, is used to achieve a striking visual effect. Designed after the completion of new campus construction, this symbol aims to present the university’s image in a lively manner. The symbol also hopes to convey the message that with a new campus, UM is more determined than ever to pursue academic excellence and achieve the goal of becoming a world-class university. The Block ‘UM’ Symbol can be used on various promotional items and souvenirs.

Rector and Vice Rectors

Yonghua SONG
Yonghua SONGRector
Lionel Ming-shuan NI
Lionel Ming-shuan NIVice Rector (Academic Affairs)
Rui Paulo da Silva MARTINS
Rui Paulo da Silva MARTINSVice Rector (Global Affairs)
Mei KOUVice Rector (Administration)

‘4 in 1’ Education Model

UM implements a ‘4-in-1’ education model to meet students’ different needs at different stages. This model consists of discipline-specific education, general education, research and internship education, and community and peer education. Inspired by the examples of world-class universities, UM introduced a residential college system to help students achieve well-rounded development. It has also established Macao’s first Honours College to produce future leaders for society, and has launched new general education courses to broaden students’ horizons and increase their international competitiveness. The university also implements a research and internship programme to create opportunities for undergraduates to participate in scientific research projects and to give them a head start in career planning.

Academic Units