New to Macau? No Worries!

    Read through what we prepared for you to help you navigate through your life here in Macau, Cheers 🙂

    Useful contacts

    Hey! Can't find that number you need? Maybe we could help you out 🙂

    Special Authorization to Stay (Student Visa)

    Your document matters! Know more about your student visa here.

    Postgraduate House

    Postgraduate student? Find out more about your housing facilities here.

    Post and Telephone

    Where is the nearest post office? Find out more here.


    What shall you do if you are sick? Find all about it here.

    Living in Macao

    Find out what it is like to live in Macau!


    Where is the nearest Bank? How can I pay my tuition fee? Find it out here.

    Living Expenses

    Find out how much it costs as a student in Macau.

    Cultural Adjustment

    Find out what it means to start a new chapter of your life in Macau.