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Honours College

UM established the first Honours College in Macao in 2009 with the purpose of nurturing intellectual achievers and globally competitive leaders of the future for Macao and beyond.


To provide high achieving undergraduates the opportunities, knowledge, and skills to:

  • Achieve academic excellence
  • Build multi-disciplinary experience and international perspective
  • Leadership and social responsibility

HC Open Day

Gifting of Calligraphy by Dr. SO

Honours Programme

(For HC students admitted to UM in Academic Year 2017/2018 or after)

The college recruits high-achieving students and will concentrate resources to provide these outstanding students with a fruitful campus life, stern yet inspiring learning environment, as well as opportunities to gain horizon-broadening international experience. Successful applicants will go through a specially designed honours course and study abroad experience.


Students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree could be admitted to the Honours Programme through three different channels:

  1. Direct admission of incoming first-year students

Students are directly eligible for admission to the Honours College if they are admitted to any of the Bachelor’s degree programmes of the university and are offered any of the following scholarship awards:

‐ UM Grand Lotus Scholarship

‐ UM Golden Lotus Scholarship

‐ UM Scholarship for Mainland China Undergraduate Students

‐ UM Full Scholarships for Students from East Asia Countries


  1. Admission by open application

Students (students admitted to UM on/after academic year 2017/2018) who completed no more than 4 semesters (6 semesters for 5-year degree programme) and fulfill the following requirement could be admitted through open application:

‐ A minimum 3.30 cumulative GPA (Scale 15 for Faculty of Law) is required at the time of application and admission

‐ Applicants will be assessed based on their academic and extracurricular documents submitted with the application, and by interview if needed


  1. Admission by Recommendation of Residential College and Student Affairs Office

Students (students admitted to UM on/after academic year 2017/2018) who have demonstrated strong leadership potential, stronger participation in services and/or special talents in areas such as arts, sports, language, music, literature can be admitted to the Honours College by recommendation of Masters of RCs and Dean of Students.

‐ RC Master could recommend 2 students per year from the corresponding RC into the Honours College

‐ Dean of Students could recommend 2 students per year into the Honours College

‐ Students have completed no more than 4 semesters (6 semesters for 5-year degree programme)

‐ A minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA (Scale 14 for Faculty of Law) is required at the time of recommendation and admission


Honours Recognition

Students admitted to the College will be awarded a Certificate of Admission and an Honours College pin to signify their status at the College. Upon completion of all requirements of the honours programme and the degree programme at their home unit, the honours students will receive special recognition at the congregation and a Certificate of Honours College. The honours courses completed by these students will also be noted in their transcripts.

Contact Information

Honours College General Office

Location: Room 023, G/F, Honours College (E12)

Tel.: 8822 4974

E-mail: hc.enquiry@umac.mo

Website: http://hc.umac.mo